The emotionally-aware interview

The difference between a good interview and a GREAT interview is the connection between the interviewer and their interviewee.

Just how do you interview someone who has their own agenda and wants to use your copy as a vehicle to get it heard? How can you ensure a politician is not being 'economical with the truth'? How do you get a CEO to reveal unflattering facts about their business?

What about a more sensitive subject; a bullied teenager, a sex worker, a cancer sufferer with weeks to live, a train crash survivor, the witness to a terrorist attack, a mother who has lost her son in Iraq, or a convicted murderer?

Whether you're a journalist, producer, researcher, presenter or press officer we have created a unique workshop that will help you give your stories the 'edge'. The Emotionally Aware Interview (EAI) is a hugely valuable investment in any interviewer's ongoing professional development, from the relative newbie with just two years under their belt, to a veteran with twenty plus.

This unique training tool has been developed and successfully run by a former BBC interview training specialist, alongside a foreign correspondent and psychotherapist with thirty years experience in journalism. Our workshop can be tailored to your organisation and relevant guidelines. It exclusively incorporates neurolinguistic programming, psychotherapy and coaching skills alongside best practice interviewing techniques to help you understand the person behind the story.

Emotionally Aware Interviewing helps you to get your interviewees to open up, to know what questions you should ask in difficult or traumatic situations, and to comply with journalistic, charity or organisational guidelines and codes of practice.

To find out more we would be delighted to speak to you about any aspect of the workshop, trainers or application of the skills you will gain. Please email us on